Gecamine Ward

Went to a new ward last week and this week: Gecamine. It sits just off a main road outside Lubumbashi.
Gecamine Ward (4)

The entrance to the home being used as a ward building

Gecamine Ward (5)

Outside view up and down the street

Gecamine Ward (6)

Gecamine Ward (9)

Main building, main door leads into a large room used for Sacrament meeting

Gecamine Ward (3)

They have a well on site

Gecamine Ward (6)

They have three outside toilets

Gecamine Ward (10)

Room used for Relief Society

Gecamine Ward (11)

Hallway to the main room

Gecamine Ward (12)

Typical classroom

Gecamine Ward (13)

Main room used for sacrament meeting

The church is situated next to another Christian church which uses a loudspeaker system. Even though church started at 8am, the church next door began shortly after (at least the minister began to preach over the system) and essentially drowned-out the meetings we attended. If the doors and windows were closed, you could catch some of what was said, but then you all broiled in the heat. If you opened the windows for air, the loud preaching next door was all you could hear…

In spite of the difficult circumstances the members of the church here have strong testimonies and are faithful in coming each week.



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