Kisanga Ward

We visited a new ward today: the Kisanga Ward. It is quite a nice building site with lots of rooms. It has two wards meeting there now, but that may change when the new Stake Center is completed, as that building is not far from this one.
Kisanga Ward (15)

The entrance to the Kisanga Ward

Kisanga Ward (14)

Kisanga Ward (13)

It is located on the main road which goes to Kipushi

Kisanga Ward (10)

Kisanga Ward (7)

It has a main house, as well as four other good sized buildings, each of which has rooms used for classrooms

Kisanga Ward (8)

Kisanga Ward (35)

Kisanga Ward (5)

The room used for the Sacrament meeting is L shaped, with the podium in the center

Kisanga Ward (31)

They use a small generator for electricity when the power isn’t working, and have their own well that seems to have a good supply of water

Kisanga Ward (18)

The well they use to obtain water for the congregation

Kisanga Ward (21)

They have four toilets located in the corner of the lot

Kisanga Ward (23)

Kisanga Ward (22)

Of course they have the obligatory water buckets for use with the toilets

Kisanga Ward (26)

This week they asked Elder Eastman to bear his testimony during the meeting. He is standing with one of the Bishop’s counselors, who interpreted for him.

Kisanga Ward (19)

Since their are two wards using this building, one of the small primary classes was held outside.

Woman and baby teaching (2)

A woman teaching with child


The large Primary room

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