The rains came and the house fell…

The rain has come in earnest now, and during one of the first major storms we saw several terrible incidents:
Not one, but two houses across the street from Emanuel caved in from the rain. The bricks were good, but it seems as though the mortar they used between the bricks was not…during the heavy rainstorm the water ate away ate the mortar enough so that when the wind blew their walls caved in!

House falls down (5)

House falls down (1)

To my knowledge no one was hurt, they all got out before it fell. But now they have no home and are living with relatives.

In the mission home complex we have three full-time guards at the gate (paid for by the owner), they take shifts to man the gate and tend the gardens and do other stuff around the complex (which has four homes, an office, and a small apartment).

One of the guards children was killed in the same storm: the metal roof on their home was held down with large stones (typical here in the Congo, and in fact, in most places in the world we have seen the same thing); the wind lifted the metal roof enough that one of the stones fell into the home and onto the head of a sleeping child.

They took the child to the hospital, where it died. While in the hospital, his wife, pregnant with another child, went into labor and gave birth!


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