Mbuji Mayi District Conference

Here are some pics of the Mbuji Mayi District Conference. We flew to Mbuji Mayi on Friday; Saturday, while Pres. McMullin was in meetings at the District Offices, Terri and I were in other rooms with missionaries. Terri was dealing with their health issues while I talked to them about their apartments (we are also looking for new apartments in the area for expansion). Saturday afternoon were some meetings: Leadership meeting for both Priesthood and Relief Society, then immediately afterwards, the Adult Session. On Sunday was the general session, and in the afternoon we flew home.

By the way, I was asked to bear my testimony to almost a thousand people… in French…

MM Dist Conf day 1 (3)

Like in Kananga, they held the District Meetings in a large theater. It worked very well for their needs!

MM Dist Conf day 1 (4)

This is where the relief society met–a room just behind the large theater.

MM Dist Conf day 1 (11)

While the brethren met in the main theater section of the building.

MM Dist Conference 1213 (1)

Of course, after every meeting, pictures must be taken. This is Sister McMullin with some of the Elders. We each spend a lot of time getting our pictures taken with both missionaries and members.

MM Dist Conference 1213 (4)

You can see the place was packed! The children were put in the room behind the theater (where the RS was the day before), as well as outside the doors, and was shown by remote TV to a crowd under two tents outside.

MM Dist Conference 1213 (7)

They had a good choir, as well as our missionaries–they also formed a choir and sang both at the Leadership meeting on Saturday, and in the main conference on Sunday.

MM Dist Conference 1213 (9)

President and Sister McMullin on the stand with the other leaders, just prior to the conference starting.

MM Dist Conference 1213 (14)

These are the tents used by some during conference, as well as other rooms in the building.

MM Dist Conference 1213 (16)

MM Dist Conference 1213 (19)


MM Dist Conference 1213 (22)

Terri with a group of members and missionaries

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