Merry Christmas to us!

Christmas for the couples here in the Congo was great! On Christmas eve we all went to a local restaurant for dinner, and on Christmas day we gathered together to share a pot-luck meal.

Xmas feast (1)

Our first call of the day was to a sick Elder. He was staying at Golf apartment–our ‘hotel’ for missionaries coming and going–and had just come from Kananga. Surprise! He had malaria! Of course, it was not a surprise at all, as many who serve in the Kananga area come down with malaria. Terri has a quick test for malaria, and when caught quickly it is easily treated. She gave him meds and the next day he was up and around.

We came back to eat with the couples, then later in the day went back to Golf to take the Elders some popcorn and cookies for a treat.

That evening we watched a couple of Christmas movies… just made us homesick!

We did get a chance to talk to all of our kids over Skype, but not for long as the connection wasn’t too good. But at least we got to see our kids and grandkids for a moment!

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