A busy two weeks ahead

This week will be a busy one for us. Terri has been assigned to organize the next transfer of missionaries that happens next week: 15 new missionaries come, 11 leave, and over 80 get transferred! All of this must be organized and directed–so many moving parts. Hopefully a male missionary doesn’t get assigned to a female missionary, or someone sent to the wrong location, or someone forgotten or left behind…

I have three new apartments opening in Lubumbashi this week! We have to go and get the keys, then move-in all the furniture, pots and pans, etc.; then move the missionaries in. And do this three times. I also have to prep for the new missionaries coming–each missionary gets a ‘bag’ of stuff he will use on his mission: mosquito nets, emergency lights (lots of apartments have no power), water purification bottles, sheets, pillow, umbrella, and a blanket. They use them throughout their mission and can take them home. They also each get a phone.

Of course, then next week is ‘mutation’ or transfer week when 80+ missionaries will be moving around the mission. Lots of picking-up and dropping off and moving missionaries around. Also dinner with those leaving, and dinner and training for the new missionaries.

We could really use Elder and Sister Eastman back! Help!

I also have to negotiate a new missionary ‘compound’ for the senior couples. We are going to rent the small compound where the Wright’s are now living, which will give us two apartments and a small house for couples to stay in. We have 4-5 couples coming in the next few months (plus Atkinson’s will be moving to Lubumbashi from Likasi to work on new church buildings here). We have to find places for them to stay…

So it will be a wild couple of weeks. No rest for the weary…

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