Likasi visit

This week we traveled to Likasi to deliver furniture to an apartment and saw the progress on one of two new chapels being built there.

Damaged taxi (1)

On the way back we saw this great taxi service–it took a licking and kept on ticking! (Prizes for anyone who can remember what ad that was from?)

Damaged taxi (8) hair weaving

Sisters here spend a lot of time on their hair! Weaving someone’s hair is a fine art!

Likasi const 2nd bld (1)

Here are some pics of the new chapel and classrooms being built in Likasi. Elder and Sister Atkinson are serving in the Congo, and are living in Likasi to aid in training LDS return missionaries in construction trades. They teach and practice at the jobsite.

Likasi const 2nd bld (3) Likasi const 2nd bld (5) Likasi const 2nd bld (6) Likasi const 2nd bld (7) Likasi const 2nd bld (8)

You will notice all of the bricks being stored. They are made here on site. They have to make about 70,000. They can make about 300 a day. Then it takes about one month for them to ‘set’ so that they can be used to build the buildings.

Likasi const 2nd bld (10)

The first building constructed was done for ‘practice’ and was being used as a classroom. They when the construction project geared-up they stole the building for storage and so they then built a make-shift building next door for their classes.

Likasi const 2nd bld (11) Likasi const 2nd bld (12) Likasi const 2nd bld (14)

Likasi const 2nd bld (16)

I have no idea how long it will take to build. The Atkinsons are supposed to end their classes sometime in July. The Mwembila building in Lubumbashi, which was supposed to be completed last year, still isn’t open… so who knows?

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  1. Meg says:

    Timex watches? The 80’s? Meg.

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