Easter in Mwembila Ward

Easter in Mwembia

We went to church at the new Mwembila Ward today just to see how many new people would come. Priesthood was first:

When they asked all those who were here for the first time to stand, over 20 stood. People kept coming in… Then they had the break and half the room (the Aaronic priesthood age) left for class while the Elders and High Priests stayed. But by the time the class was over the room was full again! And we had the largest room!

During Sunday school the Investigator Class took over the RS room—and was packed.

We tried to count new people and there had to be over 30 visiting for the first time. The chapel was full (as usual, half were just the children!).

Interesting thing happened. When serving the sacrament to a large room of people, they only used TWO deacons! Not sure if they just had two bread trays…but it took about 40 minutes just to do the sacrament!

There was a great feeling there, and everyone was very helpful. When we arrived they had someone on every corner directing people where to go; and spent a lot of time during classes explaining things about the church and the building, so people would feel comfortable.

It has been an impressive two days. Think about it—of all the people who came for the first time, more than 20 were MEN. Where in the world would you see that? The only thing holding the work back here is finding and/or building places for people to meet.

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