Transfer week

This has already been, and will be a crazy week for us. It is transfer week. With Terri being assigned “General” and responsible to make sure all of the transfers go off without a problem, PLUS we have people here in the hospital for testing that she has to follow…plus, as is common, there are always last minute changes to schedules (for example, it is not uncommon for the airlines to simply cancel flights, or for missionaries to do something dumb, which forces the mission president to change things—all of which causes a ripple/domino effect to everything else!) which totally screws-up the plan!

Add to that the fact that Terri and I are now the only ‘drivers’ here (unless we use Justin and Emanuel), since we have lost both the Eastmans and the Wrights. Terri and I spend a LOT of time running back and forth to the airport, or transporting missionaries back and forth.

Add to that we have 18 new missionaries coming! I have to buy goods to give them for their mission (blankets and sheets, emergency lighting, mosquito nets, water filters, etc.), we have to train them and match them with their training companion, etc.

We also have about 10 missionaries going home that will be feted and given a farewell dinner. All the while 80+ other missionaries are moving back and forth, crisscrossing the country to get to their new areas. In some cases it will take a missionary a week to get to his new area. If we have a cancelled flight, there will be longer delays (we had one missionary that waited three weeks to get to his new area!

Add to that new apartments opening that have to be made ready for new missionaries coming, and then just the day to day jobs we both have (Terri receiving calls and texts from sick missionaries and me receiving calls and texts about apartment and supply issues….).

For example, I got one complaint from Elders about termites coming into their apartment. I just told them to get some bug spray…Well, when I went to see the apartment (remember, I had just been there not too long before!) I found that one entire room was full of termites—it had become a termite ‘mound’. You can see the termite tentacles coming down the walls—that is just the outskirts of their home. The rest is in the attic. They termites have brought in so much dirt in creating their home in the attic that the ceiling is bowed and about to fall in! If we left it for much longer, the entire room would become one big termite mound! None of this was apparent just one month ago! Who knew?


IMG_7531 IMG_7532

IMG_7533 IMG_7534

You can see how much the ceiling is bowed…


Oh, and the birds like the place too!

Aren’t missions fun?

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