Mwembila Ward

We ended up with a quite weekend! The new missionary couple Mbele did not come Saturday as scheduled, it was delayed till next week–so we will have two couples coming next week!

Saturday was our normal prep-day, and Sunday we decided to return to Mwembila Ward to see how things were going there since the Open House.


This was the Gospel Principles class for new members over 45 people were attending!


This is the new chapel and Sacrament meeting…it is already full! They will need to split the Ward very soon.

The missionaries are working hard and having fun–and continue to be astonished at the number of people who want to hear the Gospel.

We should have yet another open house for the next new chapel that will be opening–this time a new Stake Center for the new Katuba Stake that was just created a few months ago.

If that goes just as well…well, the Congo is growing so fast now we can’t keep up with it! Do we push for more, or try to hold the reins back a little? Thankfully, questions like that are above my pay grade!

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