The Sister Missionaries Update

Thought I should update you. Terri stayed all night at their apartment to calm them down. Sunday was a busy day with the baptisms, etc. Then Sunday night about 8pm we got another call from the same group of sisters. They were ‘sick’ and needed blessings.

Not sure what to do, it being quite late and needing another person to go with me…but decided to have the new missionary couple, the local couple from Kinshasa, the Mbele’s, go with us. So the four of us went to the sister’s apartment to give them blessings.

Once there I asked Elder Mbele to take the lead, as he knew the language. He did a wonderful job! He took time to hear from each sister, then counseled them for a while. Afterward, he asked if they needed a blessing with oil (were any of them really sick?), or just a blessing of comfort. They admitted that none of them were really sick. They were just afraid. So he asked if he could bless them all, and the house, together, rather each one separately. They agreed.

He then had us all sing a hymn, which brought the spirit even more into the room. He then stood and gave a marvelous blessing on the sisters and on the apartment. It was obvious that they all felt comforted. I don’t think we will have much problems after this.

I was so impressed with how he handled the situation, and so grateful he was there! The Mbele’s will be a great asset to the mission. It will be wonderful to see what they will do and how they will grow. And by the way, they have a son on a mission too–serving in Bujumbura! What a great family!

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