The Davis’ come to class

Davis’ come to class
Had a great day today with the new missionary couple. We took them to English class where we teach the local missionaries how to speak English. We had each person in the class introduce themselves, and then each one took turns asking the Davis’ questions about who they were, their family, and their mission. At the end we had the Davis’ bear their testimony (in English). The classes (Katuba and Kisanga Zones) went really well. We all had fun and the elders continued to learn a lot.

Here are some pics of our trip to the class.

boys on a ride (3)

These boys hitched a ride on the semi-truck in front of us. We saw them running from the side, and wondered why they were planning to run in front of our truck. But then they turned and jumped on the back of the semi and rode it quite a ways!

boys on a ride (6)

boys on a ride (9)

Mwembila tank tower (1)

They are building a tower for the two large water tanks at Mwimbila ward. You can tell by there is no OSHA here by their equipment: short ladders, no safety lines, etc. But they seemed to make everything work!

Mwembila tank tower (3)

Mwembila tank tower (6)

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