Mwembila encore

Mwimbila Ward encore

We continue to attend Mwinbila ward due to the number of baptisms that are now coming from there (the missionaries request that we come to support them).

I forgot to tell you that Elder Mbele, Elder Davis, and I were asked to speak in Sacrament meeting last week! I was asked if I wanted an interpreter, but declined, thinking (hoping) I could do it myself… It didn’t go too badly. I spoke for about 5 minutes about our mission here in the Congo, and why we came. Then gave my testimony. Elder Davis used an interpreter to do the same, and, of course, Elder Mbele didn’t need any help as he is native.

They are beginning to have baptisms every week here. It is amazing to see how many people are being taught and baptized.

This evening we have a couple’s pot-luck dinner. It is a welcome dinner for the two new couples, and a going away dinner for the Mbeles—they have been called to travel to Mwene Ditu to live and work. It is a great opportunity for them as it just became a District and can use all the help they can get. They are a wonderful couple and will do great things here. We fixed-up an annex off of a missionary apartment for them (it has three rooms: a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen/living room). We also put solar panels on the roof for them (they have pretty good water there but poor electricity).

The President will be traveling through there in a couple of weeks so he can visit them and see how they are doing. They leave Tuesday.

The Davis’ are slowly getting their feet wet and getting accustomed to the lifestyle here. They should get the driver’s license soon, but their car will still be a few weeks. In the meantime they have been given an office here in the mission home complex (I think in time they will need to work out of their home—as they are humanitarian, not mission), at least until we get more couples assigned to the mission office.

Terri has started yet another transfer. It is not quite as large as the last one (only about 60 people moving), so hopefully it will go better and with less stress. There are 12 new missionaries coming out.

We start a new week with closing one apartment and moving sisters to a new apartment; and getting ready to the do same in another couple of weeks (we are closing poor apartments when we can find better ones). We also may have found an apartment in Luputa—we have been looking for a long time up there, and need one badly as the missionaries are packed-in!

Here are a few picks:


The steel for the water tower is almost done!


Still working on the grass: the grass is growing, but they are putting in some more/better dirt.


Just a neighborhood view from the church building


More and more people are baptized each week. We had to hold the baptism at the Stake Center in Katuba because the water still wasn’t working at Mwimbila.


Notice the aid they give the person doing the baptism: they hold the baptismal recommendation form to the window so they can read the name of the person being baptized. Their names are very difficult here, so this helps them.


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