Luano Ward gets a new building

Last Sunday we went to Luano ward with the new missionary couple, the Davis’. We were so surprised at the transformation! It had been in need of new paint, and, of course, needed more room for the growing membership.

When we arrived the building was newly painted, inside and out. Almost all the problems had been fixed inside, and there was a new chapel being built, that should be finished within a month. What a great blessing to one of our favorite wards!


This is the newly painted Luano ward. You can see the steel being placed for the new chapel

IMG_8187 Luano Branch 1

This is a ‘before’ picture of the ward building


Just a fun picture of the typical truck in the Congo. Every time I think they can’t fit more stuff on a truck, they surprise me!

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2 Responses to Luano Ward gets a new building

  1. I have enjoyed following your blog since your arrival in the DR Congo. My name is Matt Martinich and I conduct research on missionary work and church growth. I am particularly interested in the impressive success experienced with the recent open house for the newly completed Mwembila Ward meetinghouse. I would appreciate any email correspondence regarding this development that is feasible within your limited time constraints. Although our website is currently experiencing technical problems, you can refer to my blog at for more information on some of the research I have done over the years.

    • tiniantimes says:

      my email is: The missionaries are now baptizing every week (it started the next week after the open house), and it looks like it will continue for a long, long, time. There are a huge number of people investigating and coming to church. The Investigator class is now the largest class during Sunday School. Anywhere from 30-40 investigators come ever sunday. We are now waiting for the next building (stake center) to be completed to have another open house, and should get the same results.

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