First Steps

We had the privilege of going with the Thomas’ as they began to introduce themselves to the local missionaries. They began with the Katuba Zone. They had a short meeting: song, prayer, brief introduction and testimony by Sister Thomas, then the same by President Thomas. They closed with a song and prayer, and then answered questions from the missionaries about their personal lives.

After the short meeting, President Thomas met with the local Stake President (each Zone in Lubumbashi is tied to a Stake: Katuba, Lubumbashi, Kisanga).

The next day is was Lubumbashi Zone’s turn, then Kisanga Zone.

Next week we travel to Likasi and Kolwezi with the Thomas’ to do the same thing.

It is exciting and an honor to participate with the Thomas’ as they begin their missionary journey in the Congo. We do what we can to aide them in their journey, and ‘show them the ropes,’ but they are dedicated, sincere, and ready for the challenge!

Thomas first meetings (2)

President and Sister Thomas being introduced to the missionaries in the Katuba Zone

Thomas first meetings (5)

Sister Thomas speaking and sharing her testimony- in English- with one of the missionaries interpreting for her (in almost every Zone there are missionaries fluent enough in English to be able to interpret)

Thomas first meetings (7)

President Thomas speaking and sharing his testimony. President Thomas speaks beautiful French…which means that the more coarse French of the Congo hinders both sides from understanding one another! The Elders were quick to aide the President in ‘reshaping’ his words to fit the Congo dialect! 🙂

Thomas first meetings (1)

The Thomas’ with our two Assistants

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