North trip pics

Here are some more pics of our northern trip.

Mbuji Mayi

The President’s counselor keeps some animals near his home.

farm (1) farm (5)

MM 5 (1)

Not sure what happened with this vehicle. It broke down before coming over the border and into the city. The police began yelling at the driver, tried to pull him out of the vehicle, and got the other people walking the route involved. After lots of time yelling, they finally let him go…well…they let him push their car up the road a ways. They finally stopped, got under the car and were able to fix it someway. They got everyone out to push-start the car, and they were on their way again.

MM 4 (88) MM 4 (52) MM 4 (51) MM 4 (31) MM 3 (155) MM 3 (89) MM 3 (59)

There is no such thing as an overloaded truck!

MM 3 (38) MM 3 (31)

In the Congo, they use their head as a tool–it frees their hands for other work

MM 3 (22) MM 3 (16) MM 3 (10) MM 2 (24) MM 2 (23) MM 2 (16) MM 2 (14) MM (53) MM (49) MM (46)

MM (42) MM (32) MM (24) MM (20) MM (18) MM (15) MM (13) MM (10) MM (8) MM (3)

Lots of people come down to the river to get water and wash clothes, as it is very difficult to get water in the city.


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2 Responses to North trip pics

  1. Moore says:

    Thank you for the photos and commentary. Brought back many memories. Some changes, especially at Tshitenga. Finally a photo of our friend Cote de foi. Who was the “long time member” of MbujMayi you ate dinner with? Was he the former branch president who administered a humanitarian project in Ngagangika?

    Bill and Ann Moore

  2. thank you for posting such excellent blogs! This is Callie Thompson, the Thomas’s daughter. I love seeing all the pictures and reading about the people and life in the DRC. I know they are so grateful to have you there to show them the ropes! I am grateful, too!

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