Sunday wanderings

After the long trip we went to church with the Thomas’ in Ruashi…well, sort of. Pres. Thomas had a meeting later that day at the Katuba Stake center (they can drive now and had tried to go there the night before, but got lost…), so we went there first just to make sure he knew how to drive there. It was more complicated as the road was closed over the river as they are making a new channel under the road.

So we drove to Katuba and attended Priesthood and RS there, then drove to Ruashi for sacrament meeting. President Thomas was asked to speak.

This week Elder Hamilton of the Area Presidency visits and we head to Bujumbura on Friday. Busy week for both as it is transfer week (have been out all day moving elders).


President Thomas speaking in Ruashi Ward, with an interpreter: he is speaking French while it is being interpreted into the local language (French is the language used by the elite and government, there are lots of local languages/tribes)

IMG_0994 IMG_0996

Two girls selling stuff at the airport. We didn’t buy anything from them, but bought them some bananas to eat.


Typical water tank set-up at missionary apartments. Whenever the water is on it can fill the tank for use later. The water comes into the house when running (sometimes) but most of the time they have to use buckets for baths, washing clothes, cleaning, etc.


Typical Lubumbashi traffic. This is a two lane road… notice there are at least four cars going the same direction (no one can come the other way as the whole street is blocked!); the same is true in the cross-traffic…so we sit here. And yes, there is a policeman in the middle somewhere, but doesn’t seem to be doing any good.


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3 Responses to Sunday wanderings

  1. Perry and Ellisa Conrad says:

    We have been following your BLOG with interest, as we have known the Thomas’ here in Calgary before they left. The city, rural and church pictures have been very intersting and inspiring. We would also love to see pictures of your daily routine places – apartment, kitchen, appliances, mission office, grocery stores, bank, clothing store, mission vehicle, gas station, etc. Thanks, Perry and Ellisa

    • tiniantimes says:

      If you look at the earliest postings of about 18 months ago, you should see those types of pictures from when we first arrived. We’re so busy trying to make certain everyone is trained to take over everything we do, we won’t have time to re-do these pictures. Feel free to explore and I think you’ll find what you need.

  2. Joy McMullin says:

    Your chronicles are so appreciated! We are hungry for news from the DR Congo!
    We think of you often and appreciate what you continue to do.
    Thes last few weeks will pass quickly for you.

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