Still Learning

Although my work has decreased a little, as Elder Atkinson has taken over a lot of what I used to do with Emanuel, Terri is busier than ever! She still is on call 24/7 with sick missionaries and has the added task of aiding President Thomas with arranging his schedule and missionary transfers. They are currently in the middle of a very large transfer as we have a large group of missionaries arriving and President Thomas is ‘shuffling the deck’ by making some major changes in how and where missionaries are serving.

Throw into the mix one sick missionary that is going home…and stuff is bound to be missed. The missionary was scheduled to return home to been seen by their local doctor (and perhaps return if/when they get better), but we forgot one important thing: new missionaries who arrive from other countries have to have their passports sent to Kinshasa to obtain a long-term visa to stay in the Congo for the two years… We all forgot this little fact until the very morning the missionary was supposed to leave! Oops! Everything had to get cancelled until we can get the passport back from Kinshasa.

There is always something else to learn/remember…

In the mean time, we hope to have a relatively quiet weekend where we can catch-up on laundry and some basic chores. We also have had to do some planning for when we get home. We want to see our family (of course), but since they live all over the world, we have to make long-term plans to see them. So after we get back we are planning trips to Pennsylvania, Mexico, Brazil, among other trips to see family and friends. Time will tell how all that works out!

We are not sure what our ward/stake will want us to do when we get home. We have notified them of our return date but have not heard back from them.

So we are trying to have a couple of days to relax, because Monday we are back to work!

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