Part of the reason for looking back at our mission is that today is our official ‘go home’ day (it says so right on my official called to the ministry card I have to keep on me: 25 February 2013 to 25 August 2014).

We have been greatly blessed to be asked to stay longer to aide the new mission president and his wife, and have had opportunities to see and do things we have not done before. Terri is getting an in-depth look at how a mission is run as she acts as President Thomas’ personal secretary, and we both have been traveling with the Thomas’ as they have visited every part of the mission.

We are preparing for yet another, very large transfer, and have run into multiple road-blocks and problems, especially with the airlines. Many of the airlines that service Lubumbashi have cancelled flights, changed schedules, and/or sent smaller planes. The MTC in Ghana is having the same problems, and so has changed dates on us three times as they try to get the new elders to Lubumbashi (they are now arriving on a Friday, late in the day, instead of early weds).

The new couple, the Drapers, have also been delayed in arriving.

Add to that the fact that Lubumbashi airport is doing some runway work and is closing the airport completely three days a week (tues, weds, thurs)! It is just a nightmare!

But we all find ways to pull together and get through it. Just like ‘the show must go on!’ the work must go forward!

So….do Terri and I get overtime pay?

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1 Response to Overtime

  1. Neil Draper says:

    Overtime? You bet!! Double pay. Now we know why we were delayed. No where to land on Wednesday. Better to sit in the MTC for two days than in the Jo-burg airport for two days.
    We are still coming!
    The Late Drapers

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