Sisters and their…shoes

Today we moved the two Sister Training Leaders from the Annex behind the Mission Office to the new Lubumbashi apartment. This apartment is set-up like a dorm, with 18 beds, so that when we have transfers and a lot of sisters in town, they have a place to stay. The STLs will stay there all the time, but will have sisters drop-in during transfers.

When we moved the two sisters, we expected more bags than normal (all sisters seem to accumulate more stuff than the Elders), but this was unexpected!


Their stuff filled the back of a pickup truck, with stuff in the front seat also! It normally takes 5-6 elders to fill the back of this truck with bags! And some of the bags were so heavy, it took two of us to carry them and lift them into the truck.


So, you are probably wondering about the shoes… One of the large bags were filled with nothing but shoes! In fact, we have decided that women’s attraction to shoes has to be genetic, as no matter where you go, you see the same compulsion about shoes…

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1 Response to Sisters and their…shoes

  1. Moore says:

    What happens when they finish their missions and want ro haul all that stuff home?

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