The mice will play…

There is the old saying: when the cat is away the mice will play! Well….

couples dinner

We all went out to dinner at our favorite Indian restaurant while the President and Sister Thomas were up north eating dry chicken with Elder Ellis…

But, then again, I think we deserve it since we have had no water and power problems the whole time they have been gone!

Mission home water (1)

Here is the water truck come to deliver water into our tanks so that we don’t have to live out of bidons.

Mission home water (2)

Mission home tanks (1)

These are the two tanks that feed all the homes and office in the Mission home complex. Elder Atkinson created an ingenious tool to tell how much water we have in the tanks: see the water bottle? There is another in the tank, attached to a string. When the water is low, the bottle in the tank is low, so the bottle outside the tank is high (you can see we are empty!)

Mission home tanks (2)

However, when the tanks are filled, the water bottle in the tank is high, so the bottle outside the tank is near the bottom (these tanks are now full, and should last us 3-4 days, if people don’t waste the water).


Mission home tanks (3)

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