Biding our time

As Terri and I prepare to go home we are keeping busy with this last transfers (which we hope will finally be ending on Saturday!).

I spent an afternoon showing the Drapers how to get to apartments, especially Lubumbashi and Golf, our two ‘dorm’ apartments to put lots of missionaries during transfers. I also drew up some plans to remodel the Annex behind the office so they can use it for guests or a new couple. We have both been leaving notes, and trying to finish-up work we have in progress (I have some solar projects getting completed, etc.)

Today and tomorrow we clean our apartment so that the Drapers can move in on Friday. It will be quite a moving day: we move to the Mission Home with all our bags, the Drapers move into our apartment, the Atkinsons move into where the Drapers were…all so that there will be a bottom floor apartment ready for the Miksells when they get here on Saturday!

We also found out there will be two more single sisters coming to the mission in January. The Atkinsons will have gone home in December, so we will have an opening for them. But if other couples come, we will have to use the Annex, or find some other place for them to stay: perhaps ship them off to Mbuji Mayi?

We have been having lots of mixed feelings: happy and excited to be going home, and sorry to be leaving the Congo and all the friends we have here. We have truly come to love the Congo and its people!

But that is what always happens when you are involved in the work of The Lord!

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