The Changes begin to bring forth fruit!

We all felt that the changes in the mission begun by President and Sister Thomas were inspired, but I don’t think any of us expected to see results so soon! Here is a short note sent out from the Neeleys in Burundi in response to sending four sisters there (it is the first time sister missionaries have been sent there). The note about using a tent set-up in front of the branch is an attempt to use an overload of missionaries for a week due to the transfer fiasco (we shipped miss up there, but have been unable to get others out, so they have an extra seven? They are going to try to do some ‘ mass contacting ‘ for a week):

Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014
Subject: Sister Missionaries
To: Forest Brent Thomas
Cc: Terri Clawson

The Sister Missionaries met with the two Branch Presidents today and
while in that meeting we introduced the concept of having a tent in
front of the branch as we mentioned a little while ago. It appeared
to be well accepted. After the meeting we needed to conduct a small
amount of business with the Branch Presidents so the Sisters left to go
outside and wait. The pictures are evidence that the Sister’s are a
very good idea. As we left the meeting we watched the Sisters in the
street talking with people, teaching, asking questions, and getting
phone numbers for teaching at a later time. Great idea Sister
Elder & Soeur Neeley


The picture is a sermon in itself!

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