Transfers continue

We finally are seeing some progress! Last night about eight 5 new missionaries came in from Kinshasa. Fortunately four of them we sisters that were scheduled to leave the next day for Bujumbura. This morning Terri and I were up at 430am to begin a long day at the airport.

We first took 4 sisters to the airport to travel to Mbuji Mayi, and later to go onto Mwene Ditu. As usual, we have to wait at the airport until they get through to the waiting room to make sure everything goes ok. Today we had to pay extra for baggage: the airlines changed their baggage rules.; less baggage for more money… So we were glad we stayed, as we had to pay their fees before they would let them get on the plane.

Then we left for our next pick-up: four sisters leaving for Bujumbura. This one went faster and easier, with no problems.

Later in the day we were told that the rest of the new missionaries would be able to come in from Kinshasa! They picked up some of the missionaries stuck in MM also, which brought about 16 missionaries in this evening about 4pm. The President, Elder Atkinson in a truck, and Elder Davis in the van went to meet them.

The schedule is still tight, as the president has to interview missionaries that are leaving tomorrow morning. Tomorrow about 9 missionaries take the bus to Likasi and Kolwezi, and another five Elders head to Bujumbura. We are still waiting for the missionaries from BJ to come here, but we can sort of see the end… We think the elders in BJ will get in Saturday.

Of course, there has been no ‘intake’ of the missionaries, as usual, and no training of any kind; just moving them through and into their area with their companion. The only thing that got accomplished was to meet with the President for a few minutes.

I did have some time this afternoon between shifts to bake a lemon pound cake. Woo Hoo!

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