Farewell Party

Last night the mission held a farewell party for Terri and I (combined with birthdays celebrations for Justin’s wife and Emanuel’s wife) at Latte-licious (a great restaurant just around the corner from the mission home. It was the perfect place for it as we all know the people who work there, and one of the waitress’ is currently taking the missionary discussions

Anyway, there were 18 of us: Terri and I, and the couples Thomas, Atkinson, Davis, Drapers, the two Sisters (Anthony and Riendeau), and also the office staff: Justin and wife Christine, Emanuel and wife Marlyn, and Solange and her husband. They set up a U shaped table with Terri and I in the center.

The food was great ITerri and I had steak), and they even had a cake! We sang happy birthday to the two (separately), and then (not knowing about the cake ahead of time) had happy birthday sung again by the staff before we shared the big cake.

We had lost of kind compliments from those with whom we have served, and it was a great evening. As I have said before, we leave with mixed feelings: happy to go home and see our family, and sad to leave our friends and the great work and people of the Congo!



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