Who knew it would be so difficult to adjust to normal life? I remember how hard it was coming home from my first full-time mission to Pensylvania, but I thought (being older and wiser) the adjustment would be easier now… oh well! After traveling 90 miles an hour for 19 months, and suddenly cooming to an abrupt stop, takes some getting used to.

Today we give our homecoming talks in church. I will let you know how that goes… We both hope to inspire more seniors to take the leap of faith and go on missions themselves. Although it is a sacrifice to leave friends and family to serve, the reward is worth the sacrifice. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t spend 18 months of time (out of a lifetime) to serve the Lord. At our age, the time goes so fast one hardly notices its passing…

Your service sets an example for your family and friends, fills and fulfills your own life, and gives untold blessings to those you serve. There just isn’t a down-side to serving a mission!

And when you get home, it is like a whole new world! Everything seems other-worldly as you recognize the great blessings we have living in America: running water, power 24/7, good food, entertainment…the list goes on forever. No one can truly understand how blessed we are to live in the United States until they have lived abroad for a period of time. We are so blessed here, we have an obligation to share those blessings with others.

I hope to post just a few more pictures, once I get my computer problems worked out. I was lucky my mission computer waited until a week before we left to crash, and that I was able to transfer all the info and pics off of it before it got sent back to the factory.

We look forward to General Conference, and then to traveling to see Terri’s parents in a couple of weeks. Perhaps by then we will finally be sorting things out!

We also have a dinner this week with the McMullins and Wrights (old home week?), that should be great.

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