And we’re off to Trinidad

Today, we embark on our second mission to the West Indies. We are excited to serve but absolutely blind as to what we will be doing for.the next 18 months. No matter! As Elder Perkins quotes Elder Scott in the April 2015 Ensign article “Go Forth in Faith,” “When you are living worthily and your choice is consistent with the Savior’s teachings and you need to act, proceed with trust.” And so we move!


Departure for West Indies Mission March 2015 (ah, the fly-away hair!)

Two years and 3 week ago, we left with 4 bags as well but they were much larger (and shinier)! We happened to get away with one bag each but it’s those odds and ends that kill you! So,we ended up with one medium-sized checked bag and one carry-on bag each.


Departure for the DR Congo Lubumbashi Mission, March 2012

Speaking of odds and ends,at the last minute, Kevan decided to take two bottles of sealed, unopened benadryl. We didn’t get TSA pre-check today, so out came all the liquids. Lost  my jar of Cereve cream (rats) and got sent to the explosive screening because I had so many electronics. That went just fine. Cleared. Ready to move on. Then they walk over with the bottles of benadryl and say they have to be tested individually. Okay. Fine. No problem because they’re sealed, right? WRONG. One bottle tested positive. Call the specialist. It’s okay Sister Clawson, we’ll have you on your way. Please put all your luggage here. But its already been tested, I reply. No, Sister Clawson, this is a different test – more thorough. OK, I said. Do you have any electronics? Me? Me? When would I ever have electronics? My bag is opened to reveal FIVE external hard drives, TWO external batteries, a battery charger, and numerous plugs and cables, each one of which had to be swabbed and tested. THEN, I was patted down. This was an ISRAELI pat down. THIRTY MINUTES LATER . . .  Well, Sister Clawson, everything is in order, and oh, the benadryl is just fine as well. UGH! I looked at Kevan and said, and it was YOUR benadryl!

About tclawson

I am a PA (physician assistant) currently currently serving a mission with my husband, Kevan, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are serving on St. Martin/Sint Maarten in the West Indies Mission.
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