Biding our time in Trinidad

Terri and I had an eventful trip to Trinidad, beginning with the ‘full Monty’ pat-down of Terri by the TSA at the Salt Lake Airport to begin our trip. Usually we get TSA Preboarding, which lets us go in the fast lane and little hassle…but this time we not only did not get to ‘pass GO’ but got pulled out because something we had triggered a full inspection and pat-down–but only of Terri! I just got to stand by an watch!

After a long day our trip ended by having to stand in a 2 hour line to get into Trinidad. It was late, and we were tired, but the Francom’s were waiting for us with some home made chicken soup (it cures anything!).

Since then, we have been hanging out in the office with the occasional trip to here or there where we can see parts of the city of Port of Spain. It is beautiful here, and all of the office couples are great! We will miss the opportunity to get to know them better as we head-off to Sint Maarten on Friday (but everyone is very jealous of our going to St. Martin/Sint Maarten and have offered to trade us!), but we look forward to seeing where we will be living for the next few months.


Terri at breakfast



884 885 895

The hotel we are living in is great–it is a little local bed & breakfast that reminds me of the one we used in the Congo–much better than some modern tourist hotel! We get a free breakfast every morning and have slept very well.

The office is crazy…well, understandably crazy…as they prepare for 1) transfers on Friday, 2) mission split in just 3 months. The preparation for splitting the mission is mind-boggling! And, as usual, they need far more couples/help than what they have. And, in spite of all the hard work they will put in to prepare BOTH missions to restart in three months, once the two new mission presidents arrive, everything can/will change! The new presidents will do things differently, reorganize things the way they want them, etc., so everything will change again.

886 887 889 890

Elder Bevin’s office (financial secretary)




892 893

Notice our picture at the bottom left? We were actually expected!



Elder Francom’s desk (travel)

But, having gone through this before in the Congo, Terri and I are ready. One of our family sayings is to ‘live on the balls of your feet!’ In other words, always be ready for anything! One never knows when, where, or how God will decide to use your talents, and it is our job to be ready to serve whenever, or however He decides to use you.

We look forward to living on a small island again (we lived on Tinian for two years), but if things change and they need us somewhere else, we will be ready.

We meet with the Mission President tonight and will hopefully gain some added insights as to what we will be doing and how we fit into the overall plan for the mission. Then we leave tomorrow.

In the meantime we are enjoying Trinidad. The weather has been great, the food has been great, the people have been great… the trip was worth it!


We are currently in Trinidad (the lowest island on this map), and soon will be on ST Martin (the island at the top of the map!). Tomorrow we travel there, stopping at 4-5 islands along our route…just to make it fun!

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