Changing of the Guard

Today was preparation day and the last day for the Thompsons on St Martin. We traveled with Brother Thompson to do a couple of errands in the morning, then went to lunch with them and all the missionaries for a farewell lunch.

IMG_4205 IMG_4208

That afternoon, the Thompsons and the branch president and his wife went to the beach for one last time. That evening we went to dinner with them for a farewell dinner. The Branch here in St Martin will definitely miss the Thompsons—they have been a big part of the branch for a long time. Brother Thompson was the Branch President for most of their time here (President Hutchinson was just put in as the new Branch President about a month ago). So all the members here relied on the Thompsons for leadership and training…and now they are on their own! A big transition!

Terri and I will be here to aid them in that transition, but we will just be shadowing them, rather than leading them as the Thompsons did. But they are in good hands! President Hutchinson and his wife are great, and very dedicated, and they have great counselors—they will do well.

Tomorrow we have District Meeting where the Thompsons can say one last farewell to their beloved missionaries. Then we take them to the airport at noon.

Then Terri and I are on our own…but feel good about the training we received. Ready or not, our mission really starts tomorrow!

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