Breakfast, Dinner, and Ice cream

This has been an interesting week.

DSCN0457We had all the missionaries over for a Monday/prep-day breakfast. It was quite fun. Going around the circle left to right: Elder Broadbent, Sister King, Sister Guernsey, Elder Dayton, Elder Horton, Elder Pape, Elder Glover, Elder Barlow

On Tuesday, we had Zone Conference at the Church. We decided to try to teach the missionaries how to cook better food and to use a slow cooker, so we pre-cooked a hot meal for them to eat after Zone Conference, then as they ate we gave them the recipe and explained how to make the meal. We will see how it goes–whether or not they will be able to make the same dish at home.

IMG_4253  Tuesday, the Sister Training Leaders came from Martinique to St Martin. On Wednesday, during a break during their 3-day visit, we took them to the gelato store for some ice cream. The store also has an old fashioned carousel that we had to try! It is an exact copy of a carousel in Venice. In fact, every part of the Carousel store is imported from Italy – including the owner and his Gelato equipment – Carpigiani, a company my brother worked for. IMG_4257  They don’t look like their having any fun…IMG_4260 IMG_4263  Time for some fashion shots: Sister Munafo and Sister GuernseyIMG_4264  The owner of the gelato store (he is from Italy, as is the carousel) had to get in on the fun too!


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