Cooking is a perk

We are almost one month on our new mission, and it has gone very fast. It is very very different than the Congo, with a lot more perks: better food, better living conditions, etc. In fact, Terri has started cooking a lot more (we have a great kitchen with all the things one needs to cook great meals!), and we have had some great food:

IMG_4272 A quiche egg dish Terri made–wow! We are also having some great crock-pot meals that we share with the missionaries!

Our weekly schedule is filled with lots of odds and ends. Terri is busy with the medical and is over teaching English to all the missionaries in the entire mission who need it (about 25). I aid in doing office work: paying bills, inspecting apartments, dealing with car issues, etc.; and am working on the emergency supply and plans for all missionaries in the mission.

We also attend a lot more meetings, both with the missionaries and the Branch leadership, in an effort to support and aid them in their work. We try to go out with the missionaries to appointments whenever we can. We are still trying to find a schedule and rhythm to our work here, which I am sure, will come in time.

I am grateful that the small branch has a new Branch President (otherwise it would be me!), who I think is doing a great job. Both of his counselors have only been in the church about a year. The biggest problem they have is trying to get the local members to actively participate. We often have a full sacrament meeting, but the number of members willing to accept and magnify their callings is few—which makes the work load on the Branch leadership very difficult. I admire their dedication and work ethic!

Monday is a holiday and the start of the Carnival season here (not sure how long it lasts). That means lots of parties, parades, etc., which we all try to avoid. It should be an interesting week!

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1 Response to Cooking is a perk

  1. Joy McMullin says:

    I am sure that the missionaries enjoy being taken care of by you. I know that it brings peace of mind to the mission president having you on board looking after so many things.

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