St Martin Schedule

We are slowly developing a schedule and pattern (of sorts) here on St Martin. As we begin to understand our role here, and find ways to aid in the missionary work and the local members and leaders of the Branch, we find our time beginning to fill up with positive things to do.

On Sundays we support the Branch by filling-in where there is a need. Terri is playing the organ, or leading music, when those who have been called are away or sick. I aid the Priesthood when asked, to set-up the sacrament, bless and pass, and teach at times.

On Saturdays we make sure the building is open for those cleaning the chapel, and make sure the building gets cleaned.

On Mondays (prep day) we often aid the missionaries in writing home or to the mission president; and sometimes feed them or aid them in other ways.

On Tuesday we attend District/Zone Meeting with the missionaries.  I am given a few minutes each week to share some insights into how they can improve their missionary work, or how to interact with the members more effectively.

On Thursday is Correlation Meeting with the Branch Mission Leader, where the missionaries report their work in the area and coordinate with the Branch for aid with teaching investigators, etc.

In-between we do office work—keeping the mechanics of the local mission going by making sure rent and utility get paid, cars get serviced and/or fixed. Money gets to the missionaries, and various problems that seem to arise every day get taken care of.

We also go out each week with the missionaries to teaching appointments to give them support in their efforts to find and teach investigators and reactivate inactive members.

Terri continues to deal with all medical issues in the mission (there are very few—certainly not like the Congo!), and I continue to work on other mission-wide assignments that have been given me.

I’m sure as time goes on our weekly schedule will become more and more full, and our ability to give aid to both the missionaries and members will increase.

Today was Mothers Day, so we had the missionaries over for dinner and to be able to call/Skype their families. As this took some time, it came in waves, as one set of missionaries would come to eat and/or skype, then later others would come, then leave to go to teaching appointments, etc. It was a busy day.

We are excited as we have our first baptism this coming Saturday. A man named Ronald is going to be baptized. He has been ready for some time, but was waiting to be sure and to resolve some personal issues. But now he is ready and he will be a great addition to the Branch! I am really impressed with him and am excited to see his growth here.

Totally forgot to take pictures this week! But not sure how well a picture of my meeting with the Toyota dealer (who will be selling our old truck) would be to everyone… or a picture of yet another meeting with the missionaries… So while the work goes on, and we are finding our way here, not sure how many pictures we will be sharing (unlike the Congo where even a meeting could be interesting!).

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2 Responses to St Martin Schedule

  1. Mackenzie Wood says:

    Elder and Sister Clawson! I found one of your blog posts on LinkedIn and have loved scrolling through your new adventures! Do you get to speak French on St. Martin or Dutch or English? I have a cousin (Sister Elizabeth Wood) who is currently on Suriname trying to learn Dutch on the fly. I’m not sure you’d ever meet with her, but it would be great if it happened.

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