This is the last week for two of our great missionaries here on St Martin: Elder Horton and Elder Dayton

Brother Skinner (2)This is me, Elder Horton, and Brother Skinner–a Seventh Day pastor we have been teaching on St Martin. As this was the last time Elder Horton would be coming to his home we took some pictures. He lives up on the hill overlooking Phillipsburg.

Brother Skinner (4)  This is me, Elder Barlow, and Brother Skinner

District Meeting 95 15 (1)

Our Tuesday District Meeting: left to right: Elder Barlow, Elder Broadbent, Elder Glover (Zone Leader), Elder Pape (Zone Leader), Sister King, Sister Guernsey

District Meeting 95 15 (3) Elder Horton (District Leader) teaches and leads the District Meeting for the last time


District Meeting 95 15 (4)  Elder Dayton and Elder Broadbent report on their weekly activities. They have a baptism coming up this Saturday–the first on St Martin in quite a while!District Meeting 95 15 (5)  Elder Pape and Elder Glover report on their weekly activitiesDistrict Meeting 95 15 (6)  Elder Dayton teaches the District on what he has learned during his mission. He gave a wonderful lesson about key things he has learned about baptism (how to focus on and obtain baptisms), ‘fist bumps’ (how to be and act professional), flirting (how NOT to act as a missionary), and testimony (how a powerful testimony can overcome any objections or arguments to the Gospel). It was quite inspiring.

District Meeting 95 15 (7)

Elder Horton giving his last testimony to the District. Elder Horton and Elder Dayton spoke at Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Elder Horton gave a great talk, sharing many lessons and experiences from his mission to the group.

We will miss Elder Horton and Elder Dayton! They were terrific missionaries. They leave early in the morning on Tuesday. We don’t know yet who we will be receiving to replace them.

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