Our first baptism





We had a busy week this week, and will have another next week, as it is transfers.

Last Sunday was Mothers Day, so we had the missionaries over to eat and to skype with their parents (they came off and on in the afternoon).

Monday was prep day, so we washed clothes and cleaned the house. Often the missionaries come over to use the internet to write home and/or to the President.

Tuesday is District Meeting and we met with the phone company in the afternoon (the missionaries are getting new phones here), and then went on a teaching appointment with the Elder Horton and Barlow (we are teaching a pastor who was/is a Seventh Day Adventist).

Terri has been sick this week, so we have kept to home most of the time. She is slowly getting her voice back (she had a sore throat and cough). That evening I went with Elder Horton/Barlow to see a family they are re-teaching the lessons to.

IMG_4320 Brother and Sister Henry with Elder Horton

Thursday evening was Correlation Meeting with Brother Reid and all the missionaries.

Friday I went to visit Victor Marlin and Brother Merchant. Victor is a faithful member of the church who is ill and cannot go to church. So I visit to pick-up his tithing, take the sacrament (at least once a month during our visits we take the sacrament), and have a lesson out of the Priesthood manual. Elder Merchant is also a faithful member that comes to church when he can. He was in an auto accident and injured his legs, so he often is in too much pain to leave home. Terri and I will be picking he and Brother Benjamin up for church (when they can) and giving them a ride home. Otherwise, he must walk quite a ways to catch a bus to get to church—which is very difficult due to his injury.

Saturday we went early to aid in cleaning the church and preparing for the baptism service for Ronald. He is the first baptism since we have come to St Martin, and will be a great asset to the Branch.

IMG_4327  Ronald with Elders Dayton and Broadbent just before his baptismIMG_4331 Elder Broadbent interpreting for Brother Constant who gave a talk in French (Ronald speaks French, as do many members on the island)

That night we went with the Zone Leaders to meet with the Branch President and setup a schedule to train the leadership of the Branch (who are all very new).

Today, Terri and I talked in Sacrament Meeting. Terri spoke on the Gift of the Holy Ghost (which was appropriate since Ronald was given the Holy Ghost and confirmed a member of the church), and I spoke on Sin –what it really means to sin (you have to act against your conscience). The room was very quiet and reverent during our talks, and the spirit seemed to be very strong.

Lots of changes in the Missionaries here on St Martin:

  1. Sister Guernsey is leaving and going to Guadelupe.
  2. Elder Barlow is leaving and going to Trinidad.
  3. Elder Dayton and Elder Horton are going home.
  4. We get two new missionaries who will be trained here: Sister Robinson is being trained by Sister King (who is staying); Elder Perez is being trained by Elder Broadbent (who is being made a District Leader)
  5. The two Zone Leaders, Pape and Glover, stay, with no changes.
  6. If you add the coming and going, we are two short! They are closing an apartment/area here (at least temporarily). We believe the Elders will stay in the Belvadere Area and we will close down the Point Blanche apartment (which was just opened a short while ago). I may be that area will just be dormant for a while, but time will tell.

The missionaries leave Tuesday and Weds next week, and the new ones come in Weds. On Monday we will have a lunch for all the missionaries to say goodbye and plan for the new missionaries who are coming.

It all keeps us busy!

I have also been working on putting together emergency food/water kits for the missionaries (as we are entering Hurricane season). So I have been gathering food and other items to see how much they cost, and what size box to put them in, etc.


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