The new guys

We had some changes in the Zone: four missionaries left, and were replaced by two brand-new missionaries who will be training here.

IMG_4375  This is one of the local buses in St Martin. At first we thought it was a prison transport, but then it began picking up school children…

IMG_4376 IMG_4378  first rainbow we have seen here…not much, but it was there!IMG_4381  Elder Pape (ZL), Elder Broadbent (new DL), and Elder Glover (ZL)IMG_4382  Elder Mills (new missionary) and Elder Broadbent (trainer)

Terri and I went on a teaching appointment with Mills and Broadbent, and we were very impressed by Elder Mills. As a brand new missionary he was well prepared and did a great job teaching! He is going to be a great missionary!

This was Elder Broadbent’s 2nd time leading a District Meeting and did an outstanding job. He is a natural leader and had no problem moving through the agenda and teaching an inspiring lesson!

IMG_4384  Sister Robinson (new missionary), Sister King (trainer), and Elder BroadbentIMG_4386 Elder Lee of the FM group out of Puerto Rico, and me. He visited the island to check the status of our building, review maintenance with President Huggins, etc. We picked him up at the airport and dropped him off, ate dinner with him last night, and he and I went shopping for a few things the Branch needed.

Brother Lee is a gem! He is a former Stake President and Mission President and now works for the Church facility dept. taking care of all the church buildings in a vast area (he spends a lot of time traveling!). We had a great time sharing experiences with each other.

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