Another transfer

St Martin June 1, 2015

This week we had a surprise transfer. Sister King, whom we thought would be staying on St Martin until she left for home, was transferred to Suriname (she can use her Dutch language again), and one of the Sister Training leaders, Sister Hodge, replaced her.

That left poor Sister Robinson in a fix. First, she had to stay with us one day until her new companion came in (Sister King left Tues and Hodge came on Weds). She slept on the living room floor… Also, she has only been on her mission a couple of weeks, and now is the ‘senior’ missionary in St Martin! Of course, Sister Hodge will continue to train her, but Sister Robinson had to get to know all of their investigators, learn how to get around the island, and, on Thursday, was the one who had to do the reporting for the week in Correlation meeting—quite a chore for a new missionary! But she did really well swimming in deep water, and didn’t miss a beat!

We also continued to teach a man with Elder Broadbent and Mills. The investigator had made an agreement with the missionaries: they would come each week and teach the 5 lessons, and afterward, he would have a series of questions for them. This week we finished teaching him all the lessons, so next week he will begin asking his questions. Should be interesting.

We also had an opportunity to meet with President and Sister Mehr via Skype. We had about an hour meeting while we discussed mission issues, and some Branch issues. They helped us clarify what we should be doing here on St Martin, and guided us as to the direction we should take in training the Branch Presidency (we will be aiding in the training of President Huggins, who is a new Branch President on the island).

This week was also spent doing the monthly chores: paying bills (rents, utilities, internet, etc.), filing monthly reports to the mission office, etc.

We finished cleaning and going through the missionary apartment that was closed down for a while when they took both missionaries out of the area. Now we wait to see if they reopen the area or leave it closed. We assume it will take a couple of months before everything shakes out with the new missions opening and the two new mission presidents coming in just a few weeks.

We had a great missionary correlation meeting with the entire Branch Presidency attending. There are a number of upcoming baptisms and we discussed different ways in which the missionaries could aid the Branch and the leadership.

On Friday we went to an appointment with Broadbent and Mills to visit an inactive member of the church in the French side of the island. Terri and I were all prepared to use our French…only to discover that they spoke Spanish! Oh the time I had trying to remember my Spanish! So…if English and Spanish is called ‘Spanglish’, what do you call English, Spanish, and French all muddled together? Spanfrenglish? Well, mine was on display! Actually, the three men were making a mess of things and had to have Terri pull us all out of the fire—she seemed to be able to touch this sister we were meeting with, and we ended up having a great meeting. Time will tell.

DSCN0637 Sister King (who was leaving) and Sister Robinson (new missionary who was staying) DSCN0638  Terri and I with our last picture with Sister KingDSCN0641  The airport is always a place you can see the love people have for their family!DSCN0646 Sister Hodge, who had been a Sister Training Leader, came to St Martin to train Sister Robinson DSCN0648 The two new companions. DSCN0649 A street scene from the beach front in Phillipsburg where all the cruise ships come in…lots of shops, especially jewelry stores.

IMG_4606 Elder Broadbent conducting our weekly District Meeting

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