Fast and Testimony Meeting on St Martin

St Martin Sunday June 7, 2015

IMG_4327 Ronald Bateau, a new member, who bore his testimony to day, and received the Aaronic Priesthood, being ordained to the office of Priest.

Church service this Sunday was quite unique and moving. The spirit of God was there in way not seen before and moved even non-members to rise and testify of God!

Today was a special fast Sunday, where we were specifically fasting and praying for the missionaries, missionary work, and the changes that are occurring in the mission (the mission will be splitting into two missions, with two new mission presidents).

For those who don’t know, once a month members of the Church are asked to fast (go without food for two meals) and to come to Church in an attitude of fasting and prayer. Most of the time you’re fasting and prayers concern your own family, but occasionally, like this Sunday, we are asked to concentrate our fasting and prayers on a specific thing. In addition, the money that would have been spent for the two meals you miss should be given to the Church to aid the poor and needy.

After the sacrament, President Huggins bore his testimony, and then opened the meeting for anyone who would like to speak—they could come to the front and share their testimony with others. The first that spoke was a woman who had recently gone to the Temple for the first time. Next was a man who had just been baptized the week before. The third man that came up was a visitor (he was on island vacationing). He told of how he miraculously found the chapel to be able to come to this fast and testimony meeting:

They desired to come to church today, but did not know where the church was located. They had been given some directions, but soon got lost. As they prayed for help they saw a man walking along the road with scriptures in his hand. They thought, ‘he must be on his way to church, we will stop and ask him how to get to the church.’ As it turned out, the man walking along the road was Ronald, the man who had just given his testimony! Out of all the people living on St Martin, they just happened to run into a member of the church! They told him to get in and they all came to Church (as it turns out, Ronald received the priesthood today also!).

By this time the spirit was very strong. Terri got up to testify of the presence of the spirit, and to confirm to those new members, visitors, and others who had never been to our church before, that what they were feeling in the meeting was the Holy Ghost testifying to them of the truth. For those who did not know or understand how God communicated with people on earth, this was the way! The feelings of peace they were feeling was the Holy Ghost testifying that what they were hearing was true, and that this church is, in fact, God’s chosen church on earth.

Many others followed, bearing their testimonies of God. One couple who had come to church—the man was an inactive member who was just starting to come to church again, his girlfriend was a non-member who was at church for the first time—decided to come to the front together to speak (Brother Wright, who was sitting by them, came up with them to introduce them and help them).

The man bore a simple, but powerful, witness of his knowledge that God lives, and his desire to return to the Church to receive the blessings that come from God. The spirit was so strong even his girlfriend, who had never been to our church before, stood and bore witness of her knowledge that God lived! Wow!

One woman was so moved, and having a tough time saying what she felt inside, decided to sing a song as her testimony. It was quite profound.

There were so many wanting to come forward, at times there was a line in front. President Huggins let the meeting run long to try to accommodate everyone who wanted to speak, but finally had to close the meeting.

The day continued with spiritual highlights:

During Priesthood meeting two people received the Priesthood: a young man received the Aaronic Priesthood and was ordained to the office of Teacher; and a new member was given the Aaronic Priesthood and ordained to the office of Priest (I was chosen to ordain Ronald Bateau).

All in all it was a profound and touching Sabbath day.

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