Weekly overview

St Martin 06/22/2015

We had a good week. We had a great District Meeting on Tuesday. It was Elder Glover’s last, so he shared insights with us. On Weds we inspected all the missionary apartments. They we all above average clean and in good condition, except the French apartment. It is the oldest and has really dated and broken furniture, etc. We are going to see if we can either fix their furniture or get them some new items.

We did some maintenance (replaced light bulbs, etc.), and found some ways to make the missionaries’ lives a litter better.

We had a very productive missionary correlation meeting on Thursday night. The work here is progressing very well, and we have a lot of people scheduled for baptism in the near future.

On Saturday we helped clean the building. Elder Merchant was on the list, so we picked him up so that he could aid in the cleaning.

Sunday went well with quite a few new people coming to church.

Today we had P-day and had a farewell lunch for Elder Glover.

Tomorrow Elder Glover leaves and we have District Meeting. Weds we pick-up the new Elder that will be taking Elder Glover’s place—Elder Harding.

We also have been told that the new mission President will be visiting all the various islands to see the places the missionaries are working and to interview all the missionaries. We have the opportunity to be guides for President and Sister Herrington when they come in a couple of weeks.

There will be a lot going on soon, as we will all be taking on a little more responsibility to aid in the running of the new mission. We look forward to the challenge and just hope we can lift some of the burden off of the new president’s shoulders. We saw first-hand how difficult it is to transition into running a mission when we were in the Congo and a new mission president came. We will do all we can to help them in the immense challenge.

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  1. Hi – this is April from Sugardoodle.net (we are the largest feeder site to LDS.org) and we would like permission to use a photo you have of your Baptismal font for a Baptism packet we are creating for eight year olds. THE FONT HAS WATER BUT NO ONE IN IT and there are no people in the photo. I just need in writing that it is ok for us to use the photo in our teaching kit. If you could notify me as soon as possible that would be so helpful. Thanks, April

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