New missionaries

We had new missionaries come this week to add to our group (we now have a total of #8 young missionaries working in St Martin!)

DSCN0752 Going to the airport is always an adventure here (not too different than in the Congo– you never know what will happen! )  DSCN0754  Elder Page came in on time, but Elder Spencer…well, had some issues. After going to the airport to pick him up, and waiting for over an hour, we decided to check with Liat Air to find out if he made the flight. No, he did not (in the Congo every missionary had a phone, so they could call us if there was a problem. Here, the phone stays in the area, so while traveling, no missionary has a phone…). Liat told us he had been booked on a flight the next day, and would be stuck on the island of Antiqua overnight. He finally did arrive the next day–late. Ahhh, Liat Airways…

DSCN0756 At least there is usually some kind of entertainment at the airport while waiting to pick-up missionaries….

IMG_4678  Here is a picture of our new missionaries: Elder Spencer (trainer) and Elder Page (new missionary being trained)IMG_4677 This is a typical correlation meeting held every Thursday, where we coordinate missionary work being done on St Martin with the local Branch leadership. Brother Reid is at the head table conducting the meeting, with all of our 8 missionaries in attendance.

The work here is going very well. The missionaries are very busy with teaching appointments, and a number of people are scheduled to be baptized soon. It is quite a fun experience to be a part of!

We desperately need more senior missionaries in the field though! Now that the age to go on a full-time mission has been lowered to 18 years old, the wisdom and guidance of older missionaries is needed more than ever! What is holding YOU back? Hmmmm?

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1 Response to New missionaries

  1. Moore says:

    But we still shudder when we think of Congo airports. Utter chaos!

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