Service in St Martin

The missionaries participated in a service project here on St Martin:

Elder Page 1

Elder Page got something in his hand, so Terri was trying to perform an emergency operation after our weekly correlation meeting…

Elder Page 2

Not sure how successful she was, but he went away happy

Service Project 1

Elder Pape and Elder Broadbent working at a member’s house

Service project 2

Sister Robinson hiding in the back…not sure what she is doing!

Service project 3

Lots of bystanders… Sister Hodge and Elders Harding, Mills and Spencer

Service project 4





Service Project 5 Service project 6 service project 7 Service project 8

Here are better shots of Sister Robinson


Service Project 9


Sister Robinson is from Kanab, Utah. My mother’s father, Harold, was from Kanab. He still had family and property there when I was young, and I remember traveling to Kanab to visit them and ride horses. Harold had a horse called Kanab, which he kept in Salt Lake. We often tried to ride the horse, but always failed–the horse would gallop uncontrollably, then stop suddenly and throw us off! Kanab is a very small town in Southern Utah, way off the main highway. Sister Robinson showed us some great pictures of her riding abilities. She is a true Cowgirl!

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