The BIG Transfer begins…

We were contacted by President Herrington about our first transfer: Elder Broadbent was leaving the next day to become an Assistant to the President (he had been the DL here). We were also informed that there would be many more changes coming next week…

IMG_4680  This is our water storage for bathing and toilets.

IMG_4681 This is our water storage for drinking and cooking IMG_4683  This is our food storage (about a week’s worth)IMG_4684  This is a look at the fine meal I made Terri this week… it was supposed to be and Indian/curry/chicken dinner…and yes, we threw it away as it was disgusting!IMG_4686  So we celebrated my cooking skills by taking Sister Hodge and Sister Robinson out to eat at a famous barbeque place near the college: Fat Tony’s. Not bad. They did not have everything on their menu (bad day to come I guess) so we all had pulled-pork sandwiches with fries and potato salad.IMG_4688  Terri has been assigned to be Choir Director and prepare a song for Branch Conference this Sunday. It was fun. The young man on the left, in the front, is new to the area. His father is a member from Jamaica that sent him to us while he is on the island (I ran into him looking for someone when I went to church one weekday). He has come to youth night, and to choir, and hopefully will come to church on Sunday.IMG_4692 We had a farewell breakfast for Elder Broadbent today (he left for Barbados this afternoon). IMG_4694 Elder Pape was making a toast IMG_4696  IMG_4698  From left to right: Elder Pape, Sister Robinson (hiding in the red dress), sister Hodge, Elder Harding, Elder Spenser, Elder Broadbent, Elder Page, and Elder MillsIMG_4700 IMG_4705 Group photo of the Zone: L-R Back Row: Elder Pape, Elder Spenser, Elder Broadbent, Elder Harding; Front Row: Sister Hodge, Elder Page, Elder Mills, Sister Robinson

IMG_4706 Elder Harding, Broadbent, and Pape

IMG_4708 Terri and I with Elder Broadbent, the new AP

Youth night  Youth night at the local LDS Church. They played basketball, and had a short lesson (Sister Robinson and Hodge are on the right).

Pres. Huggins was there, and his car broke down. So I gave him a ride home. The next day I picked him up and towed his car to a nearby garage to be fixed.

The island can be very hard on vehicles due to the many hills and stop and go traffic here.

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