And the leaving begins

Today we had a farewell lunch with the missionaries. We have a total of #5 missionaries leaving St Martin this week: Elder Broadbent left already, Elder Harding and Sister Hodge go home, Elder Pape and Mills are being transferred. Tues and Weds will be very busy days as we drop off and pick up missionaries from the airport.

IMG_4679  The Elders had a training meeting over skype for the missionaries who would be training new elders just coming into the missionIMG_4710 This weekend we had the District President visit. President Otto, who is from Guadelupe, came to do some training and to hold Branch Conference. On Saturday all the leadership received some training, then we held a special Branch Conference on Sunday. IMG_4711 After Church we invited Pres Otto to our house for a meal before he flew back home IMG_4712 That Sunday the missionaries decided to eat together after church. IMG_4713 IMG_4716 Elder Pape did the honors and did the cooking! He cooked ribs in a slow cooker. IMG_4720 Today we took all the missionaries to our favorite French restaurant in Marigot, to celebrate? so many missionaries leaving. Sister Robinson will be the ‘old’ missionary here when all the changes are made! IMG_4721 I had a chicken casserole , Sister Robinson had pasta with lobster and fras grasIMG_4723




Terri and Sister Hodge had steak

IMG_4725 IMG_4727 Most of us had chocolate moose for desert 🙂 IMG_4728 Terri discussing a gospel topic with the missionaries

After this week settles down a little, and all the new missionaries arrive, we will be shutting down the apartment in Marigot for a while (until we get more missionaries). We are going to try to fix-up the apartment while it is empty–it is the oldest apartment here on St Martin.

Next week we travel to Barbados for training.

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1 Response to And the leaving begins

  1. Joy McMullin says:

    This sounds like the perfect mission for the two of you!

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