Going, going, almost gone…

We continued to lose missionaries as the transfers began.

IMG_4730 Sister Hodge giving her last testimony to the District. We have a tradition that those going home are given the opportunity to share #5 things they learned that can aid other missionaries in their work. They end their lesson by sharing their testimony one last time.

Sister Hodge gave these five things:

  1. The Atonement is REAL. It has the power to change lives and to give missionaries power.
  2. Teach people, not lessons. Each person is different, so rather than teaching a rote lesson, tailor each lesson to the person you are teaching.
  3. Love people for who they are. The Gospel unites people of very different backgrounds. There is no reason to judge others, or to demand they change to become something they are not–by living the Gospel, you bring out the best part of yourself.
  4. Don’t DENY yourself. This is referring to a saying from Pres. Mehr: disobedience brings with it the loss of blessings. Don’t deny yourself the blessings you could receive by obeying the commandments. “I will not be denied!” (God’s blessings)
  5. It will all work out. No matter how difficult life becomes, or how many trials you are forced to face, it will all work out: God loves you and makes all things work toward good. Often it takes time, but even our most difficult trials will someday become our greatest blessings. IMG_4733 Elder Harding giving his last lesson and testimony. These are his #5 lessons:
  6. The Atonement: the enabling power of the Atonement is available to aid you when you need it.
  7. Christ-like attitudes. Your attitude towards life and your mission makes all the difference! If you have a positive attitude you will be more successful.
  8. The Spirit Teaches. The spirit will prompt you to teach the same lesson differently to each person, because they are individuals who learn differently.
  9. Fight & be fully invested: you need to be willing to fight–through the trials given you, and fight off the ‘natural man,’ or the tendency towards our baser instincts. And you have to be fully committed to the Gospel and the work.
  10. The Church is true. Which makes all things possible, and all the work, trials, and problems worth the effort.
  11. IMG_4735 Then it was picture taking time for all those leaving: Eder Pape, Sister Hodge, Elder Harding, and Elder Mills (Elder Broadbent left already) IMG_4736 IMG_4738 IMG_4739 Elder Spencer (one who is staying with us) playing the keyboard IMG_4742  Elder Pape and Elder MillsIMG_4745 When taking Elder Pape and Harding to the airport, we had time for one last visit to Maho beach, where the planes fly in. The timing was good, as the big 747 KLM plane was leaving just then. IMG_4747  Terri, Elder Pape and Elder hardingIMG_4749 IMG_4751 IMG_4759 IMG_4761 Terri with Sister Hodge (leaving) and Sister Robinson (staying)
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2 Responses to Going, going, almost gone…

  1. ramoncito apostol says:

    Hi elder Clawson,

    Good to hear from you, i have deposited $1.00 to the checking account just to have some movements, last friday 8/14 we shot down the casino operations only hotel is open, while
    waiting for new owner to come and get a license, our new GM consultant is a mormon and our
    new HR consultant is also a mormon, yesterday we started to have a sacrament meeting in
    their room. did you heard saipan was hit by the super typhoon until now they dont have any
    power and water, take care always,

    god bless

    • tiniantimes says:

      There are a lot of changes going on there! We have seen the destruction on Saipan, but assume Tinian did not get hit very badly. I hope things go well with you and your family! Nice to hear there are more Mormons on the island again…it has probably been a long time since you have been able to have sacrament meetings on Tinian!

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