Your missionaries are safe!

Just for those parents and family members that follow our blog: your missionaries are safe and we are well prepared for hurricane Danny here on St Martin.

We held a ‘lunch meeting’ with all the missionaries today to go over all the emergency supplies and procedures that we have in place. Each apartment has been supplied with enough food and water for one week (or longer), as well as water storage for toilets and bathing. Each apartment has a small medical kit, and other supplies, such as flashlights, work gloves, etc.

We also have procedures to contact each missionary during and after the storm to ensure they are safe. We have a meeting place in case all the phones go down. We are also prepared to help the local Branch, members of the Church, and others here on St Martin after the storm.

So don’t fret: the missionaries are very excited–for most it is the first time for them to go through a storm like this!

After the storm we will post again to let everyone know what is going on, and that everyone is safe.

5 liter water  Typical emergency water for drinking and cooking X one for each missionary per dayfood storage (2)  Typical emergency supply for each missionary apartmentIMG_4344 stove (1) An emergency stove stove (2)IMG_4680 Typical water storage for toilets and washing IMG_4682 So relax…things will be okay!

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