Events update

Our weekly meetings entail working with the Missionaries on Monday Prep Day so they get out their weekly letters to the mission President, It is also the day we wash and clean.

Tuesday is District meeting where all the missionaries gather to discuss and plan the week.

Weds is choir practice (Terri is choir leader), and we have had a decent turnout for this.

Thursday is correlation meeting with the Ward Mission leader to coordinate the missionary work with the Branch leadership.

Sunday is our regular meeting schedule.

In-between Terri works on taking calls from sick missionaries from two missions (Trinidad and Barbados), and I work on keeping up with the vehicle problems (making sure they are insured, registered, assigned drivers, monthly mileage, accidents, etc).

We also pay a lot of the bills on the island, like electrical, phone, rents, etc.

Occasionally we have odd service projects, or need to give missionaries rides.

This week Elder Pohl attended Leadership Conference in Barbados.

Terri and I occasionally go with the missionaries to scheduled teaching appointments, to lend our knowledge and testimony to theirs about the truthfulness of the Gospel.

We have also been busy preparing for tropical storms and hurricanes, in an effort to protect the missionaries. We have been lucky as the storms have passed by just to the north, or just south of us. But we think we ar prepared and trained for if we get hit.

There are always misc things to do. I fixed the sister’s washing machine, and cleaned the French apartment (which is empty for now), and tried to arrange to get some problems fixed by the landlord.

We often act as taxi service for missionaries coming and going from the island.

All the missionaries  on St Martin will be leaving Sunday for Martinique for Zone Conference with the Area President, Elder Cornish, who is making a mission tour. We will be leaving Sunday and returning Tuesday.

We often aid the cleaning of the building on Saturday, and wash our car every week at the same time.

We have to go to the pharmacy often to get medication for sick missionaries.

We do monthly car and apartment inspections, and create reports for the mission on progress.

occasionally we visit members who are shut-in or ill, and give them the opportunity to partake of the sacrament. I also work with one member who is on Church welfare who does what he can to do work around the chapel as his contribution.

It looks as though Terri and i will be teaching Seminary and Institute classes here, as they have no one else who can put in the time. We are reviewing training videos and this years curriculum and trying to prepare for the call. It has yet to be determined how many youth will be involved and committed to come, or what days the training will take place.

There will be additional changes in the mission coming up as a number of senior couples will be leaving the mission, and we are not sure if they have replacements–which usually means that we will be picking up the slack until other mission couples come.

Which, of course, leads into yet another pitch for seniors to make the sacrifice and decision to come on full-time missions! The need is very great, and seems to become greater every year. So if you are on the fence–get off! And do something more than dream of your mansion above…as the song goes. Doing good is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure, a duty of service and love!

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1 Response to Events update

  1. Sandy Stewart says:

    Thank you so much for all you do! Sister Stewart sound so happy.

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