New Callings and responsibilities

Terri and I received new callings here on St Martin. The District President has asked Terri to teach Seminary (ages 14-18 yrs) and asked me to teach Institute class (ages 18 yrs and up).

DSCN0845  This is my Institute class, held on Weds nights, just before choir. We had about 15 in attendance, including several investigators. Pres Huggins has opened the class to all adults in the Branch also. DSCN0847 Here is a picture of choir practice (most stay after Institute to sing)  IMG_4864  Missionaries at our house  on prep-day. They often use our internet to send letters, etc. We have had lots of power issues the last few days, and the Church’s power was out, but our’s was on…so they came and stayed~IMG_4868 After doing all their chores and emails, some played a few games IMG_4869 Due to the continued power problems, we also held District Meeting at our apartment. This is Elder Pohl, our lone Zone Leader, conducting the meeting IMG_4871 Sister Robinson and Stewart giving a report on their area.

Next week we have transfers, again! We are told that we will be back to a full compliment of #8 missionaries on island. But we will see, as things always seem to change.

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1 Response to New Callings and responsibilities

  1. Joy McMullin says:

    You are keeping busy!
    Phil and I are also teaching early morning seminary. We wake up at 4:30 in order to get ready and then drive to the ferry dock to pick up 7 students who attend high school here on the Island and be at the meetinghouse (which fortunately is located next door to the high school) by 6:30. We have 15 students total.
    Great calling! We appreciate the carefully prepared manuals with lots of good ideas.

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