Misc Events from St Martin



IMG_4907 Terri teaching some of her Seminary students

IMG_4904 I have started to walk almost every day now, so here are some pictures of the island… IMG_4902 this is just part of an inlet going to a ‘private island’ in the bay IMG_4901 Part of a shopping center near our apartment IMG_4900 IMG_4899 This is the beach just across from where we live IMG_4897 IMG_4895 Don’t ask…I don’t have a clue… IMG_4893 Don’t ask I don’t…. IMG_4892 IMG_4891 IMG_4887 We have been holding District Meeting at our apartment recently due to the power outages that have been going on (we have one every day as they ‘move’ the power around the island so everyone gets hurt a little). We are back to a full boat of missionaries now: #8 of them! Elder Spencer and Elder Nixon are companions, living in the Pt Blanche apartment (Elder Spencer is the new District Leader); Elder Pohl and Elder Savard (he speaks French!) are the Zone Leaders, living in Belvedere; Elder Page and Elder Jones are working in Philipsburg/St Peters area, but are living in the Belvedere Apartment with the Zone leaders until we can find a new apartment in their area (which is more difficult than we thought); and, last but not least, Sister Robinson and Sister Stewart are working the Cole Bay area. IMG_4885 IMG_4883 This is the mountain we live on. The hardest part of my walk is going up the hill to the apartment!  IMG_4882 IMG_4881 IMG_4880 They have started a lovers ‘lock’ on the bridge, where couples can bring a lock and attach it to the heart. IMG_4878  Part of every meeting is feeding the missionariesIMG_4877  Terri sharing some insights during one of the District MeetingsIMG_4875 Elders Pohl, Spenser and Page IMG_4874 Sister Robinson and Stewart

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3 Responses to Misc Events from St Martin

  1. LaWren Booth says:

    My husband and I have so enjoyed reading your blog. We received our mission call this week to serve in the BB Mission. We are very excited about it! We don’t know if Pres. Harrington has received our info yet – but hopefully we will be able to contact him soon. We just know that it is a French speaking assignment for 18 months. We arrive at the Provo MTC on Jan 18. Our home is in Western North Carolina though we are currently staying with our eldest daughter in NY for a couple months as she is expecting twins any day now. The mission looks beautiful! In the past, We have been to some of the Caribbean islands while on cruise ships. But we can tell it will be a real adventure to see life from the other side. We hope we will get to meet you at some point. Thank you for sharing your experiences and photos on your blog.

    • tiniantimes says:

      We know that you are coming, and are excited, as we need the help. We have a number of French islands (our island is half Dutch (using English) and half French (speaking French). Terri and I speak a little French from our Congo mission. We are happy to hear you will be on a French speaking assignment, as we are in need of French speakers right now (we had to close an area on our island as there are not enough French missionaries to go around!). I’m sure that we will see you after you arrive. We occasionally travel to other islands for conferences and other issues, so it won’t be long. I’m sure Pres. Herrington will be contacting you soon also. In the mean time, if you have any questions we and/or the mission office can help you. So happy you chose to serve!

  2. y Sandy Stewart says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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