Just an update 10/16/2015

It has been very busy few weeks for Terri and I. Our responsibilities grow, and we always seem to have something come up that adds to our list of things to do (although often that ‘something’ is a great blessing!).

Since the last transfer we have had a full contingent of missionaries on island (we have 8 missionaries now, with three of them new and being trained), and we are looking for a new apartment in a new area.

Terri is teaching Seminary and I am teaching Institute one night a week, as well as choir.

We have another baptism coming up on Saturday—a young man from Jamaica that has lived on the island for a while and was asked by his father (who lives on Jamaica) to visit the church. I just happened to be at the church when he arrived and was looking to talk to someone. From there, he began talking to the missionaries and coming to church. He will be a great asset to the branch.

We recently had a member couple from a cruise ship get dropped off and left on island so the wife could go to the hospital. When they attempted to find some local members to give them some help, we got the call and had the privilege to aid them during this tough time (what a way to spend a vacation!).

Terri has been getting a lot of medical calls recently, and as she covers two missions, it can be taxing, especially with the other things we have going on.

We have also had a rash of car accidents lately (none of them serious), which has kept me busy, as I am in charge of all the vehicles now. For both Terri and I, our jobs are made more difficult because most of the events (medical and vehicle) are happening on other islands, in other countries…so it is often difficult to figure out the best way to handle situations since we are not ‘on site’ to see and deal with them ourselves. But we do have great help! On most islands there are other Senior Missionary Couples that we can, and do, turn to for aid.

I have been walking every day, which has helped my old-age ailments. The weather has been very hot: often over 100 degrees on our porch thermometer! Add the humidity, and it is tough this time of year. I really feel for our young missionaries who are working out in this heat!

But time is going by quickly, and we have been blessed with the news of a new granddaughter! Everything back home seems to be doing well, so we are being blessed for our labors.

We will be traveling to Guadalupe the first of November for some training by the local couple who will be leaving the mission soon; and then we travel to Barbados  a couple of weeks later for a Senior Missionary Conference.

Well that’s it for now. I have some pictures but can’t seem to load them… once Terri gets around to fixing that problem for me I will upload some more pics of the island and missionaries! EC

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2 Responses to Updates

  1. LaWren Booth says:

    Thank you for your blog. I wrote a comment on your previous entry. Is there a phone number for Pres. Harrington ?

  2. LaWren Booth says:

    Please email me at lawrenb3@gmail.com
    My husband and I look forward to serving with you

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