More Baptisms

Things have been going well in St Martin, in spite of the “upheaval” that occurred when the mission split and all the changes that followed. The group of missionaries we now have on the island are beginning to gel and work together well, and are getting results.

We have eight missionaries here now: Two sisters: Robinson and Stewart (Stewart is just finishing her training), six elders: Elder Page and Jones (Jones is in training), District Leader Spencer and Dixon (who is in training), and two Zone Leaders: Savard (who speaks French–yea!) and Pohl.

DSCN0942 Here are all our missionaries at our apartment. They got permission to watch a movie/dvd on their p-day, so they came over for lunch an a movie! From left to right: Elders Pohl, Dixon, Page, Jones, Spencer, Robinson, Stewart, Savard, with me in the middle (I’m the one ‘larger’ than life…) DSCN0943  This is our most recent baptism: Roger Dunston. His father (who lives on another island and is a member) talked his son into looking for the Church here on St Martin. He was at the church, knocking on the door, when I happened to show up (the sisters were inside the building at the time). We talked for a while, and I even talked on the phone with his father, who asked if we would look after his son. The sisters came out and we all got introduced to one another. Roger was invited to come to Youth night, and the Sisters began to teach him the lessons. Terri and I joined in a couple of the lessons as he got closer to baptism, so we could answer questions the Sisters felt we would have more experience to give him good information. It was during a group lesson where I attended with the Sisters, that we convinced him to set a date for baptism.DSCN0946 Here are the two Sisters who taught Roger–Robinson and Stewart DSCN0949 And here we are all together. Roger asked me to baptize him (it was quite a privilege), and Elder Page to give him the Holy Ghost, which happened the next day, on Sunday. DSCN0953 Here are some of the Elders with Roger: L-R Spencer, Dixon, Jones, Roger, Savard, and Elder Page on the far rightDSCN0957 Roger with Branch President Huggins IMG_4908 Terri’s Seminary class has doubled! She now has two people coming…

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