Moving forward

Lots of things are going on here on St Martin! We have lots of people preparing to be baptized, and have been told that we will be getting more missionaries here on the island to aid in the work (transfers will be happening in about a week, so time will tell how big a change will be coming for us here!)

District Meeting Oct a

Elder Spencer does a great job conducting District Meeting each week. Some of the training involves roll-playing. This is Sisters Stewart and Robinson roll-playing with Elder Savard. They are practicing how to teach members how to give Book of Mormons to their friends.

District Meeting Oct b

This is Elder Page and Sister Robinson roll-playing

Terri new dinner

We have decided to try to eat better, so we are trying a new diet of fresh foods and fruits, etc. Terri has been the cook during this ‘trial’ of a new diet, which is helpful, as she is a much better cook than I am! So far the recipes have been great–actually better than eating out at some of the good restaurants here on St Martin! The tough part is the time it takes to prepare these meals…

Terri seminary class

Terri is slowing gaining more people attending her Seminary class on Fridays (there are some that study at home and can’t make it on Fridays). This year they are studying the Old Testament.

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1 Response to Moving forward

  1. LaWren Booth says:

    What is the food like there? Are there good grocery stores? We have started studying our French. We are fortunate to live in a time when technology allows us to instantly listen to the translated conference talks.

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